Everyone carries fire.  It is inside of you right now. It may be a spark; it may be embers; or it may be full-blown, raging flames.  It may have been given to you by someone; maybe passed on from fathers, mothers, grandparents, coaches, or friends. The fire may be acquired from tragedy and difficulties in your own life. Or it may be passed on to you from someone distant; someone you don’t even know; but still they have left a mark.

These are the things we talk about on this podcast. We, ourselves, have felt this fire.  We continue to strive to become better men, husbands, fathers, friends, and citizens.  This podcast is the result of our own journey, of our own discoveries; and it is our hope that you will come along with us and discover your own fire. We are constantly interviewing men we respect; men who have kindled their own fires.  They may be successful in the workplace, exemplary as a husband or father, or simply set an example in how they stay fit at any stage of life.

We are firemen, and we often focus on issues that we face daily: Trauma and PTSD; from how to stay fit when your life might depend on it; to learning how to be present as a husband and father even when we’re gone from home a lot of the time. What we are learning applies to the military, law enforcement, EMS, and even UPS drivers.  The principles that make anyone a successful man are universal truths that do not change based on a job description or a phase of life. Come, stoke the fires that you carry, and dare to kindle some new ones.