Why The Fire You Carry?

Why The Fire You Carry?

While Kevin and I came to the idea of starting a podcast separately from one another we came to it for very much the same reasons. Kevin had a desire to use his experience in life to help other men be bold enough to step out into whatever challenge they were avoiding out of fear, and become what the could be, better men. Men who had experienced the joys of conquering the unknown, something that Kevin is incredibly good at. I (Nole) came at it from a desire to help other men face the hard facts and tragic times in life with the knowledge that others had gone before them, that the path, though it can be brutal is not impassable. With The Fire You Carry Podcast we will delve deeply into the traditions that make us who we are as men. We will search out other men who are worth following and find out what the fire is for them, and how they carry it. We will also explore the everyday things that we can all do, large and seemingly small that can change us and those around us for the better.

Every day in this life is the frontier,  the unknown, the wilderness, what will you choose to carry?

4 comments on “Why The Fire You Carry?

  1. Edward the Bruce says:

    Looking forward to these.

    1. John.T says:

      This is the podcast that every man who might not have a community of great men around them needs to listen to.

  2. Vin says:

    Cant wait!

  3. Mike McCormick says:

    Awesome podcast!!! Keep up the great stimulating conversations.

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